2 Cortland locations to serve you!

Now renting in Ivy Hill!

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Free Stainless Steel Disc Lock with every rental

  • 2 Cortland locations to serve you, SR 305 and Ivy Hill!
  • Convenience is a big factor when it comes to storing valuable goods. Our indoor storage spaces are close to most of Cortland’s residential neighborhoods.

Storage Units in Cortland, Ohio

Now 2 locations to serve you! 2865 Wilson Sharpsville Rd. (SR 305), Cortland, and 2775 Ivy Hill Circle, Cortland. Reclaim your garage and rent a unit today!
Your belongings will be practically around the corner, meaning you can keep an eye on them by visiting your self-storage unit as often as you’d like. Whether you are planning to store the entire contents of your home you can keep your valuable belongings close to your home. Head over to the prices page to select a unit that suits your needs and skip driving across town!